meuccilogo3.gif (6642 bytes) Discount Pool CuesbPresents The Meucci RED DOT SHAFT

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To fit other Cues /McDermott/Joss/Schon/Helmstetter/ ETC.

This is a corrected and indexed shaft that plays most consistantly and if

you have never tried one you are in for a big surprise!

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Meucci suggested retail price is $150.00

Meucci Red Dot Shafts Your Cost!  $118.00 order ____________________________________________________________________________

Discount Pool Cues Presents The Meucci Red Dot Shaft for Most Cues

See and read the truth about cue deflection and see the results      

Now revealed the test results on several major cues!

Red Dot Shafts For All Other Cues Are Availiable

5/16 x 18     fits all Meuccis*Huebler*Viking*Cobra*Brunswick plus more fine thread

5/16 x 14     fits Joss*Balabushka*Falcon*Helmstetter*Scruggs*Schon*George*Black Boar

3/8 x 10   McDermott* Viking*Joss West*Mali*Peachauer*McWorter*Lambros*

These shafts come with a standard black ring only! except Meucci Cues ordered by collar style.

Send us your old good condition shaft and we will have it updated with the red dot technology allow  2-3 weeks delivery! Your Straight! shaft will be placed in the indexing machine and brought into the 21st century of pool playing technology!   Our cost for this is $75.00 plus shipping and handling call today!


underlined cues may have different pins you should call!! or imaybe if you are capable you can count the

number of threads per inch that your cue has! its not real difficult but it is very inportant!

use a 1 inch ruler and cut back to 1/2 " if the pin does not excede 1" count the threads at 1/2" of the

pin.    On A 3/8 x 10 you should only count 5 etc this may help!

  *   1941-263-6989